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Types of Panels
Today, outdoor media comes in shapes and sizes to fit any idea. New production technology is creating exciting new forms of outdoor media.

Spectacular Displays
Spectaculars are large, custom built displays, designed and created for a specific purpose. Usually left in places for an extended period of time, spectaculars use a wide variety of effects, including neon lighting, strobes, fiber optics and animation to create a visual impact. Largest of the standard formats, they are commonly 20ft by 60ft, though they can be as large as 40ft by 120ft.Located on major highways, expressways or principal arterials, spectaculars rapidly achieve high levels of exposure. Spectaculars can be customized with extensions and other creative embellishments. Spectaculars are often deployed by multinational companies to enhance their brand image.

Wallscapes provide the most outstanding impact of any outdoor media. Digitally printed on durable vinyl material, wallscapes are designed and produced to conform to a building’s dimensions. Wallscapes dominate their environment, providing high-impact visibility to both car and pedestrian traffic. Wallscapes are quickly becoming a regular sight near major arterials, on commuter and tourist routes and in downtown business districts

Banner Advertising
This kind of advertising is a new exciting alternative to the Spectaculars or billboards. Mounted on buildings or freestanding units, the measurement depends on the space allocated and the production used could be either in mesh material, computer painted vinyls or stickers.

10’x40’ Billboards
Often known as 96 sheeters, poster panels are used primarily for full market coverage. Located on primary or secondary roads throughout commercial areas, poster panels can be used to surround specific geographic areas or retail districts, with the ability to deliver high reach and frequency.

Street Furnitures
Citilights, bus shelters, directional signs, and map signs are located at positions penetrated right into the centre of major cities and towns. Such media are ideal for net-workings and market-centre outdoor advertising.

Citilight, also commonly known as Zkylight, is a signature product of Zky Media. It is a type of billboard that penetrates not only right into the very city centre but also areas where erection of other billboards are totally ruled out. Its aesthetic values have attracted the interest of many clients and the local authorities. Since its advent in 2000 by Zky Media, Citilight has taken the industry by storm and has been a paradigm of modern outdoor advertising in Malaysia.

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