Why Outdoor

During the past two decades the media landscape has changed dramatically. Consumer choice in broadcast and print has grown dramatically, but total time spent with these media has changed little. As other media become increasingly fragmented, exposure to outdoor is on the increase, with the number of cars on the road, and the number of miles driven growing more than three times faster than the population.

Consumers are on the move, and outdoor media is the most effective, efficient way to reach our highly mobile population. Outdoor has benefited from increased mobility, with people traveling further and more frequently than ever before.

We have summarized below the key reasons why more and more major advertisers are switching to outdoor.

  Outdoor Advertising is the most happening communication of our times.
  Few media can match it for its specific reach and impact.
  It is there everyday. It allows your message to be displayed 24 hours a day,
come rain or shine.
  And unlike TV or Radio, it cannot be switched off or tossed aside like a newspaper.
It is the only medium that comes to the viewer naturally, and not vice versa.
  It is the most effective way to reach out to people on the move.
  Outdoor advertising has a lower cost compared to print and electronic media.
  Outdoor advertising is the only type of medium that has constant exposure.
  Repetition is extremely helpful when you are trying to increase your products or when you simply want to get your message to millions of people at competitive rates.
  It is extremely easy to target a specific market.

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