Why Us

The Best Location
Zky specializes in dramatic billboard sites. All of its locations are chosen with analysis and deliberations to ensure perfect view and right concentration of population .

Its aim is to provide the greatest impact-generating outdoor advertising possible at a reasonable price and in a timely fashion; and also to help customers achieve their sales & marketing goals through the use of well-placed and well-maintained outdoor advertising displays of optimum sizes .

Zky Media is equipped with skillful staff capable of developing and securing landmark sites throughout Malaysia. They are well focused on clients’ requirements; and having foresight in identifying strategic locations that match with various displays, their job is to ensure that clients’ objectives are achieved with minimal spending .

With their past experience, they have built a very strong relationship with the local councils in Malaysia. They have assisted the local authorities in implementing new designs with modern technologies and contributed in beautifying the respective towns and cities. With their wide spectrum of billboard knowledge, they have also assisted many city halls and municipalities of the surrounding countries in formulating outdoor advertising rules and regulations.

The marketing department consists of well trained and specialized staff with at least 10 years experience in the outdoor advertising industry. They are able to contribute their expertise in providing advice to the clients on the most strategic locations and also assist them on the creativity of the visuals. Most important of all, they are able to help their clients map out sites that match limited budgets so as to achieve highest mileage in outdoor advertising.

In collaboration with the advertising agencies and clients, these marketing specialists have managed to propose the most cost effective medium for their campaigns. As a result, they now have a handful portfolio of loyal clientele developed throughout the years .

Zky Media Sdn Bhd
No. 175-A, 1st Floor,
Jalan Maharajalela,
50150 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel       :  03-2141 1417
Fax      :  03-2148 8417

Our Services

  • Spectacular Displays 
  • Wallscapes / Wallsigns 
  • Banner Advertising
  • 10’x40’ Billboards
  • Street Furnitures 

Why Zky Media

  • The Best Location 
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  • Marketing 
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